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ADCP Calibration Recommendations

ADCP Calibration Recommendations

The following maintenance items are recommended by Teledyne RDI prior to each deployment and every 12 months:

Prior to each deployment

• Visual Inspection
• O-ring inspection and replacement
• Desiccant bags replacement
• Zinc anodes inspection and replacement
• Coating inspection and replacement
• Pressure sensor inspection, cleaning, and port-screw replacement
• Transducer beam urethane inspection and servicing if required
• Compass calibration

Every 12 months (or as soon as possible)

• Pressure sensor factory calibration to maintain TRDI factory specifications
• Heading, pitch, roll factory calibration to maintain TRDI factory specifications
• Complete bench top testing

Pressure Sensor and Compass Drift Effects

Pressure sensor and compass drift effects will accumulate over time. TRDI recommends a factory calibration be completed every 12 to 36 months. The longer the elapsed time between factory calibrations, the greater the error (due to drift) that can be expected for pressure and compass sensors.
For example, the pressure sensor has an initial accuracy spec of ±0.25%, and a long-term drift spec of ±0.11%. Most of the 0.11% drift will occur in the first 12 months of operation. The fluxgate compasses accumulate an error of approximately 1% over a year.

The UVS ADCP Verification Service provides a Teledyne RDI approved service capability to meet all ADCP Calibration requirements.

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