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Teledyne Benthos

Teledyne Benthos

UVS has worked with many customers to specify and supply Teledyne Benthos components for projects Australia-wide. Teledyne Benthos acoustic modems, acoustic releases and pop-up buoys have been supplied for projects where high quality and reliability are demanded.
Acoustic modems can be used to eliminate cabling issues associated with deploying instruments in areas where the cabling may be subject to damage from anchoring or trawling. Benthos acoustic modems integrate very successfully with Teledyne RDI ADCPs using Waves and NEMO. The NEMO real-time waves processing module was specifically designed for Waves users, and
processes real-time current and wave data at the source. This provides condensed data packets suitable for transmission to the surface or shore via an acoustic modem. Demonstrations have shown that Wavesdata can be successfully transmitted acoustically through the water column
and then to shore for post-processing. Read more here: Coastal Ocean Observing Systems Going Wireless

Find out more about Teledyne Benthos products at the links below or Contact UVS to discuss your application.


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