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SeaBotix Service

Staff from UVS workshops have completed training in all aspects of support for Teledyne SeaBotix Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and can offer full service from our workshops in Newcastle and Perth to service SeaBotix users on both east and west coasts. UVS, a member of the BlueZone Group of companies, has access to all of the ROV service and support experience of sister company ATSA Defence Services. ATSA has supported ROVs operated by the Royal Australian Navy since 2000.

UVS workshops are equipped wih the SeaBotix vLBV Test Bench which is a key tool that enables rapid fault-finding and repair of vLBV vehicles. The vLBV Test Bench enables complete end-to-end testing of the vLBV system and UVS can quickly identify faulty components and provide fast turnaround on system repairs. We carry an increasing range of SeaBotix spares to support rapid service.

Fault Conditions

Please collect as much information about the conditions of the fault as possible so that we can support you with the best advice. For example take note of the following:

  • What system do you have (LBV150-4, LBV200-4, etc.)
  • What is the serial number of the LBV
  • What options are installed (sonar, grabber, etc)
  • Are there any modifications
  • How was the LBV being used when the problem occurred
  • What were the conditions (water type, water temp, weather, etc)
  • What software versions are installed the system
Our experienced workshop capability in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth enables nation-wide support of Teledyne SeaBotix products. UVS is committed to supporting your ROV operations with trained and experienced technicians and fast turn-around times.

Contact UVS

SeaBotix vehicles are designed to provide extensive use with minimal service and maintenance. Unforeseen circumstances, long term use and upgrades are inevitable. Should you require service or repairs please Contact UVS for more information.

Equipment Returns

For equipment returns, please see our Equipment Return information form here: 

The vlBV Test Bench supports rapid end-to-end testing of SeaBotix vLBV systems
The ROV Test Tank supports comprehensive testing of your ROV following service in our workshops
 Piloting training and practice can be completed in our ROV Test Tank

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