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BZG Engineered


BZG has a proud history of subsea and harsh environment engineering excellence dating back to the early 1980's

Let the experience of our in house engineering team assist you to quickly and cost effectively take your requirement from concept stage to operational reality, on time, on budget and all in accordance with our ISO 9001 accredited quality assurance programme.

Our focus is on engineering for the subsea environment and our experience in this application can benefit you if you have a demanding requirement for electronic systems in any type of harsh environment.

Contact BZG for a confidential discussion on your next project requirements.

Supplier Relationships

BZG has long term relationships with leading global suppliers. These suppliers are at the forefront of research and development and the introduction of new and innovative systems to the market. Our long term relationships mean that we follow the development in supplier labs and we know and understand the new technology as it is introduced to market. Our engineers and technicians are amongst the first to be trained in support for new systems. Strong communication links with supplier engineering development teams means that we can source new and innovative ideas for applying technology.

We have the depth of understanding and communication with engineering development teams to ensure that fielded systems are set to work and have the function and performance to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.


BZG applies strong project management skills to ensure that complex projects which require multiple components supplies, hardware engineering, software engineering, manufacture, assembly, test and set-to-work are delivered on time and on budget.

Examples of projects completed by BZG include:

  • Special Forces Submarine Surveillance. Developed for the Australian Submarine Corporation. Design, manufacture and commissioning of a low-light camera network for external monitoring of submarine activities during night operations. The system consists of 4 low-light underwater cameras with an onboard monitoring and control unit for viewing and recording of activities as required. The onboard control unit provides remote viewing at various locations around the bridge and electronic warfare unit. For more details see Special Forces Camera Control System.
  • RON Camera System. Developed for the Royal Australian Navy. Design, manufacture and commissioning of a Pan/Tilt/Rotate colour camera system for installation onto the Collins Class Submarine fleet. Seven systems in total, designed to allow for flexible external viewing of mast, periscope and general operations. A Kongsberg colour camera was mounted onto the fin of each submarine with a monitoring and control unit installed in the bridge to allow for control of the Pan & Tilt functionality as well as for local viewing and recording of images. External outputs were also made available for routing of video to other submarine location such as the sailor mess and captain quarters. For more details see RON II Camera System for COLLINS Class Submarine.
  • Subsea Trenchers. Two project developed for Subtrench P/L: Burial of subsea electrical umbilical to the Q7 wind farm in Ijumden (2007) in the Netherlands and burial of subsea cable across St Petersburg harbour (2013). These projects consisted of extensive control and monitoring packages for hydraulic operation, electronic monitoring, sonar and video surveillance. Each system was supplied with underwater cameras positioned to allow viewing of critical components during trenching and cable burial operations, with a series of profiling and imaging sonars incorporated to backup visual content during periods of low visibility. Cameras used on these systems were fully manufactured in our Perth workshop, using Australian components where possible. Camera and sonar images were multiplexed over a fibre optic connection to a control room. The system was controlled and monitored electronically using an in-house designed SCADA system providing switching and recording functionality, in conjunction with detailed electronic data and animated graphics. For more details see Subsea Trenchers.
  • Trunk Line Plough Subsea Electronics Module (SEM). Developed for Woodside Petroleum, this specialised plough was successfully deployed and operated in the field.
  • Esso BHP Conductor Inspection Tool
  • Subsea Electronics Module (SEM) Housings. Many clients have the need to house electronics for operation a great depth or in harsh environments. UVS has developed proven designs for SEM housings and has the experience to specify, manufacture and test for your requirement.

Contact BZG for a confidential discussion on your next project requirements.

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