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Z-Boat Application Engineering

Z-Boat Application Engineering

BlueZone Group is a capable and experienced engineering partner for your Z-Boat projects and applications. Our experience is built upon service to customers with demanding requirements for Z-Boat applications. Our engineering knowledge combined with our service teams and fully-equipped workshop in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth means that we can provide support for your equipment Australia-wide.

Army Innovation Award

BlueZone Group supported the Australian Army with rapid development of novel capability options for the provision of a Z-Boat fleet. These capabilities will make significant contributions to Army’s urgent and pressing need to de-risk the riverine environment and will provide users with comprehensive and accurate data to assist a broad range of operations - including humanitarian relief. 

 Robotic Z-Boat configured for survey operation.

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Drone Technology Drives Development

Development work for new robotic boat technology for Army was driven by technologies available from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or ‘drone’ world. The large amount of light-weight and low-cost technologies developed for drone applications provides many options for application to the Robotic Z-Boat. Miniaturisation of navigation systems such as Inertial Navigation Systems and GPS are very suitable for Z-Boat applications. Combined with sensors such as LiDAR and multi-beam sonar the Z-Boats can provide a powerful capability in an easily deployed package

 Z-Boats lined-up in the BlueZone engineering workshop as systems are integrated and they are prepared for demonstration.

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Z-Boat Products

At BlueZone Group we are constantly seeking opportunities to develop products to improve and complement the Z-Boat capability.

ZB01 Custom Charger Case

The ZB01 Custom Charger Case provides a fast and effective way to charge multiple Z-Boat batteries from one easy to manage Pelican Case.

The ZB01 Custom Charger Case enables easy long-term powering of the Z-Boat for trouble free mobilisation and preparation for survey and Z-Boat operation.

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